What’s in my bag

What’s in my bag

Hey everyone! I thought it would be fun to share what’s in my bag (you know, besides old receipts and old masks lol). I loveeee a good shoulder bag (specifically one where my forearm doesn’t get stuck when I’m throwing it over my shoulder last minute). My friends use to call me Mary Poppins or mom for everything I carry in my bag. I’m trying to get in the better habit of not jam packing my bags with journals and cameras and everything in between.

What’s in my bag?

Hand cream

Hand cream. A big MUST for me especially in this winter. This hand cream is a holy grail if your skin cracks in the winter (like mine).

Second hand cream

The Chanel hand-cream is the definition of luxury hand cream. I know you’re probably thinking this isn’t really necessary but trust me, it is life changing. Plus the lavender scent, *chefs kiss*.


A must. The more retro the better. These amazon dupes are my favorite!


It’s winter. Need I say more? Plus it’s always nice to be that friend that has tissues for someone!


Need I say more? Moisturized lips is a must.

Hair Accessories

A comb and hair tie (always). Hair claws are a must for me. It’s a whole look itself just thorwign your hair up in one of these!


This Kate Spade wallet has been my go to. The size is perfect, the nueratls allow it to go with everything, it’s a must.


Because you never know. I also ALWAYS need rings on me. I don’t know what it is but I just feel naked without them.


Again, becuase you never now when your next idea will come.

Well, that’s that! Anything fun hiding in your bag?


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