51 Cheap, Fun Things To Do When You’re Stuck Inside

And we’re back with more things to do when you’re stuck inside. A lot of you messaged me after my first post about keeping busy when stuck indoors and how you’ve coped with it. Here are some more things to do!

  1. Sleep in

    Make up for all those sleepless nights by curling up in your bed and dream the night-or day-away. Give your mind a much needed break it needs.

  2. Clean your closet.

    Give away things you no longer need. Mix & match your items. Make it look pretty.

  3. Test your business skills.

    Make some extra cash and sell some your stuff online, see if you can bargain.

  4. Take an online course.

    Or watch an interesting documentary. Here are450 Ivy League courses you can take online right now for free. If you want to feel productive, online learning is your best bet.

  5. Play games.

    Perfect time for Pictionary, taboo or even twister if you are having a snowmagedon slumber party.

  6. Take a trip down memory lane.

    Look at old pictures of your friends and family. Read your journal or your diary. Read old letters or birthday cards from your friends. You will be surprised at how these little things warm your heart and leave you feeling revitalized.

  7. Do home exercises.

    I posted before (here) about all the online workouts I already do. Look up videos of a new workout you’ve been meaning to try. Zumba, insanity, yoga…etc. That way you won’t feel so bad about stuffing your face with all those groceries you bought.

  8. Practice your bar tending skills.

    Make your own happy hour at home. Mix your own drinks & pour some more shots as long as you don’t text your ex.

  9. Shop online.

    When the urge kicks in, start looking at all those sales items. They know you will be shopping, and they will come for you and find you.

  10. Pamper yourself.

    Take a hot bubble bath. Try a new facial mask. Throw in that 6 month old bath bomb you haven’t had the chance to use yet. Better yet make your own bath bomb.

  11. Work on your portfolio or your resume.

    Update your portfolio. Make your resume more appealing. If you have a blog; work on customizing it or picking a different theme. This is a good chance to sharpen your edges.

  12. Bring your inner interior designer out.

    Redecorate your bedroom or your living room. Make small changes in your personal space to make it a lot more inviting.

  13. Take online quizzes and personality tests.

    We all know that’s your guilty pleasure (shoutout to Buzzfeed).

  14. Watch DIY tutorials and listen to self-help podcasts.

    They are more helpful than you think and shouldn’t be taboo.

  15. Do something “cute” for someone.

    Whether a pic collage, a scrapbook or just a nicely written message. Show someone you appreciate their warmth in this brutally cold weather.

  16. Pull out all your old magazines.

    Read them, then cut them up to make collages, vision boards & to stick into your radical self love bible!

  17. Reply to all of your email.

    All of it! The madness!

  18. Organize your music playlist and add new songs.

    The Weeknd Just released a new album, give it a go! It’s just been on repeat this past week for me.

  19. Sort out your shoes and get rid of the ones you haven’t worn in the last five years.

    Do I have 30+ pairs of shoes? Yes. Do I need them all? No, hence why they should be cleaned out.

  20. Write down the list of things you want to accomplish this year.

    Maybe the next five years as well.

  21. Give sometime to take care of your hair, nails and skin using some homemade remedies.

    This is just hopping on the self-care band wagon. But seriously, use this time as time to pamper/renew yourself!

  22. Reorganize your book shelves and clean them out as well!

    This is like looking through old photos, you get to reminisce on your favorite story, find new ones, and give you brain some exercise.

  23. Organize your closet

    This one speaks for itself. You’ll be shocked by how much you don’t wear.

  24. Clean up your house.

    Remember that huge cleaning session you’ve been thinking about for months but never find the time to do? It’s time. Do it.

  25. Watch a rom-com marathon.

    Here are some that have stolen my heart.

  26. Plan your next getaway.

    Ok yes, traveling isn’t really a thing right now but plan out places you actually/realistically want to go to. Don’t just daydream about getting away from it all. Do one better and actually look up plane tickets and hotel rooms.

  27. Watch a performance.

    Instead of turning on Netflix, watch an online opera, ballet, or symphony. They can be surpingly calming despite stersotypes.

  28. Learn a new language. 

    Thanks to apps like Duolingo, you can stretch your mental muscles wherever you are.

  29. Learn a dance.

    Download the Tik Tok and try to learn one of the trending dances every 15 year old is doing.

  30. Download an audiobook.

    If you can’t get out to the bookstore or want to lighten your load, try audiobooks for listening on the go. The best of the best will make the hours fly by.

  31. Try a coloring app. 

    Adult coloring books are available in-stores and in mobile app stores, so no need to head to the store. Colorfy and Happy Color will help you get creative without any supplies needed.

  32. Change up your décor. 

    From the bedroom to living room to kitchen, here have countless ideas to help give your home a quick and easy makeover. Even just rearranging your furniture a little will feel fresh.

  33. Make some wall art. 

    You don’t need to be a master painter to DIY some of these super cute wall decor ideas.

  34. Try a new recipe. 

    Stop opening and closing the fridge hoping new snacks will magically appear. Take matters into your own hand and make your own tasty dish.

  35. Bake cookies.

    Choose a healthy cookie recipe so you can feel good every time you reach for one.

  36. Make homemade ice cream. 

    Give Ben & Jerry a run for their money and beat boredom. Simply combine a few ingredients in an ice cream maker and you’ll be in awe.

  37. Work on your wish list. 

    Go ahead, dream big for the next holiday. Put together a wish list of items (or experiences) you have your eye on, so you’ll never be caught off guard.

  38. Start journaling. 

    Time will fly by as you jot down your thoughts in a journal. If you want to go even deeper, venture into the artistic world of bullet journals

  39. Listen to a meditation video. 

    When your mind starts to spiral, turn it inward. Mediation videos can easily guide you through mindful exercises and techniques to reach inner peace.

  40. Try living room yoga. 

    In addition to strengthening your whole body, yoga helps center your mind. You can do it at home with no equipment using this free app, too.

  41. Wash your makeup brushes.

    When was the last time you cleaned all of your makeup tools? Yes, even your ride-or-die Beautyblender could use a scrub. Your skin will thank you.

  42. Sort through your purses. 

    As the seasons change, so do our purses. While switching between bags, we all leave stuff in the bottom (receipts, gum wrappers, pens, etc). Clean out your purses and you just might find that lost lipstick – or at least some spare change.

  43. Organize your kitchen. 

    Already mastered the KonMari Method? You’re ready to dive into the wonderful world of drawer and cabinet organizers. Please hold the applause.

  44. Spruce up your outdoor space. 

    Out of sight, it’s out of mind, but outdoor spaces also deserve a little TLC. Maybe now’s the time to shop for new outdoor furniture and accent pieces for those summer get-togethers.

  45. Enjoy food outdoors.

    Take your lunch to the backyard or patio to get a little vitamin D while you indulge. A glass of wine doesn’t hurt either.

  46. Go for a long walk.

    Plan a route past your favorite landmarks, a local park, or just around the neighborhood. Stop and smell the flowers – literally.

  47. Take your pet to the park.

    Whether you have a lively dog, an adventurous cat, or even a sweet rabbit, they’ll appreciate a wander with their favorite person.

  48. Start a garden. 

    Roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty in the backyard or your windowsill, if you don’t have outdoor space. In addition to the de-stressing benefits, all that digging quickly turns into a workout.

  49. Go for a bike ride. 

    Take a tour of your surroundings and get some exercise in by jumping on a bicycle.

  50. Take a drive. 

    You don’t need a destination — just a great playlist and the open road.

  51. Have a backyard campout. 

    Pitch a tent between your back gardens and see your outdoor space in a whole new way. Or if the weather isn’t cooperating, do the same in your own living room.

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