How to avoid worsening mental health symptoms during social distancing

Hello and welcome back. We are on day 9 of the indoor series and with that being said let’s tackle the topic of mental health. Social isolation can definitely worse already existing mental healthy symptoms. HOWEVER, there are other things you can do to help protect your self in the midst of social distancing due to the virus. Here are my tips that I have been using to help:

  1. Continue to socialize from afar

    While we may not be able to have as many in person gatherings, don;’t for get about the other ways to be social. Call or text your family and friends. Videochat and factime! This is a perfect time to reach out to that person you have been missing.

  2. Take a social media break

    While social media can help with the socializing piece, TAKE MULTIPLE BREAKS within your day. ,This will help avoid the fear and anxiety about the virus. Also this can help you not fall into the trap of preexisting self image difficulties.0bdc0ff3a3a517c74de223ea8f774a02-e1521488419151

  3. Make and keep a set routine

    Structure and routine are healthy and also helps ward off worsen depressive/anxious symptoms. Take some time to organize and plan you days, so that you will find a good balance and rhythm that feels good for you.weekly-schedule-lg

  4. Don’t neglect your basic self-care

    Staying indoors can make us the basics so here they are:

    1. Good hygiene everyday!
    2. Drink ALL your water
    3. Eat consistently
    4. Take a few walks/exercise
    5. SLEEPil_1588xN.985066119_bfa1
  5. Cleaning

    Cleaning/organizing is a great way to keep your mind busy while also being productive. This can be healthy outlet to put all of your attention on, just check with yourself that it’s actually helping you cope and not amping you up.162da2c91ac6d6fe8334ed989200c64f

  6. Crafting

    Crafting is another awesome way to cope with anxiety. Plus when you’re done you end up with a hat or a pretty picture, whatever it is you want to create. Crafting allows you to try something knew and gear your attention to what it is you’re creating. Also, time flies when you’re drawing, sewing, etc. You won’t even notice how quickly time is passing.05e100a03698b3e003691f08ee1fe7e4

  7.  Calming the mind

    One thing that can happen when you’re stressed out is thinking up all of the worst case scenarios. One thing that helps me is to intentionally come up with the best case scenarios and flesh them out.


Also, for those with chronic anxiety, we’re pretty used to telling ourselves that the worst case scenario probably won’t happen, but in a pandemic? Don’t beat yourself up for being anxious, that is an entirely reasonable emotion. 

Stay safe out there friends!

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