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Welcome back to Day 3 of losing my mind (aka New Rochelle quarantine). Today I will be asking the many a time asked question: how do you stay in shape? I regret to inform you it’s not some big secret, I workout and eat healthy (most of the time). I try to live by the 80% eating healthy 20% working out rule. I also go running everyday from 2-4 miles depending on my mood/energy. A lot of staying in shape I’ve learned is listening to your body and what it needs. Some days I’ll feel like I need to go running 5 miles and do a whole body workout and other days extra sleep will be just what I need.

A lot of “workouts” I do are really just 10 min YouTube videos that I find. Below I’ve linked a few of my favorites. BONUS: Chloe Ting has free workout programs for specific targeted areas (inner thighs, legs, arms, abs, glutes, you name it) and they are always KILLER. What I love about these online workouts is you don’t need a gym or crazy gear and you see results literally in 1-2 weeks. It’s insane! Also Fitness Blender on YouTube has EVERYTHING you need to stay in shape if you don’t feel like going to the gym. They have everything from cardio workouts, to kickboxing, to pilates, you name it. Another personal favorite is Mary Helen’s Ballet Beautiful workouts. She does ballet inspired workouts and let me tell you, I have never been so toned. She’s incredible I love her. You make think “oh ballet workouts how hard can it be”…very, very hard.


In terms of food/my diet I try to eat as organic as I can. My great-grandmother lived eating solely from her garden so I have young memories of her visiting New York and teaching us how to garden tomatoes, carrots, fruits, zucchinis, and other fresh foods that should be implemented in anyones diet. Ideally, I try to avoid dairy (I am self diagnosed lactose but isn’t everyone) but alas, cheese will always be my weakness. Obviously its not that easy to eat so healthy but I’ve found cooking your own food is a big step in this. You see what you are putting into your food and how much as opposed to eating out at a restaurant. That’s not to say you shouldn’t cheat days, we all do I think they’re important, but I’ll try to go for something sweet only 2-3x a week (I’m trying to cut it back to only once like I had been doing last year).

Below I’ve linked my favorite workouts as well as Chloe Ting’s free workout programs. Enjoy!

Chloe Ting free workout programs:


^yes, this literally is possible with her programs

My ab workouts:

My butt workouts:

My cardio workouts (non running)

Inner thighs/leg workoust:


My arm workouts:

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