12 Affordable Basket Bags

You don’t need a beach vacation to enjoy your basket bag, and stores these days have all kind of unexpected shapes for straw totes and wicker buckets that you can easily find one that it’s appropriate for your work outfit, after-hours activities or city setting. And since the trend is huge and everywhere you don’t need to break your budget to have one too.

Whether you like a seashell-shaped straw clutch or prefer a sleek wicker bag, I found 12 affordable wicker basket bags and straw bags to help you introduce this effortless french girl staple to your city wardrobe.

1. here | 2. here | 3. here | 4. here | 5. here | 6. here | 7. here | 8. here | 9. here | 10. here | 11. here | 12. here

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