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I fell in love with sea fan art when I saw a picture of it on Pinterest. When I was looking around online to try to find a piece I wanted to find an affordable one. That’s the key word here… affordable. Sea fan paintings and especially real sea fan art cost hundreds and hundreds of dollars. Here’s how you can make your own. Bonus: its only $26 compared to $150+.



DIY Sea Fan Art

You will need the following items:

  • dried sea fans
  • saw or wire cutters
  • frames
  • poster board
  • pencil and scissors

Step 1) Order some sea fans. There are several websites that sell them. Just Google “sea fans” and choose one from the long list. I purchased mine from Deltona Sea Shells.  I bought 2 black sea fans and 2 Atlantic/Caribbean sea fans for $40 which included shipping.

Step 2) Cut the thick base foot off of each sea fan. I used my miter saw but you can also use strong wire cutters.

Sea Fans

Step 3) Remove the backing and the mat board from the frames. I purchased 4 silver finished photo frames from the Target Threshold collection for approximately $16 each.

Step 4) Use the mat board to trace squares onto white poster board and cut the squares out. You will not be using the mat board, so save them for a future project.

Step 5) Centered the sea fan between the glass and the poster board and put on the backing. The fit is quite tight, so the tension between the glass & board is what holds the sea fan in place.

Target photo frame

That’s all there is to it! Nice and easy custom artwork in just a few minutes.

Sea Fan Art by Sand and Sisal

Sea Fan Art - Sand and Sisal

DIY Sea Fan Art

credit: here

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