DIY rope rug

DIY rope rug

Hey guys! Recently, I’ve been obsessed with house decor and doin DIY’s. Today I wanted to share with you one of my favorite pieces that is so easy to make. I saw this rope rug on Pinterest and was instantly obsessed. After looking up the prices online, I thought, why not just make this instead? This DIY rope rug is ridiculously easy and could be your next upgrade to your homey space. Plus, everyone will be asking where you bought it and you can proudly boast you made it! The best part?? It uses only three materials from the hardware store.


Materials and Tools:
 (The below amounts can vary due to the size of rug you want to make. I suggest numbers based on the rug in photos.)

  • (7) 3/8-inch natural rope bundles (we found ours at Home Depot, which came in 50-feet lengths)
  • 10 liquid nails cans (Pro Tip: Get the self pump can rather than the one that needs a caulk gun. You will need a lot of glue, so your hands will thank you for it.)
  • scissors (strong enough to cut through your rope)
  • 1 canvas drop cloth 6 x 9 feet
  • Sharpie (optional)




It can be really helpful to sketch out your rug design prior to gluing. Unfold your drop cloth and mark where you’d like your first circle to start. Apply glue, covering two to three inches in diameter. Coil the rope tightly around its starting point for one full round and press firmly onto the glue for 10-15 seconds. Once the rope has adhered to your drop cloth, continue to glue around the edges of your circle before pressing the rope in rings.


Once you have reached the size of circle you like, cut the rope and begin a new one. Keep in mind that the center of the next circle has to account for the diameter width that you want. Once you have coiled enough rounds and have reached your first circle, you will have to cut individual rope lines to complete the current circle into the already made full circle. Repeat this process until you have the number of circles you’d like!


For the final step, take a pair of sharp scissors and cut your drop cloth along the edges of your rope. Now, roll that beauty out! Have it stand alone, or layer on top of other textured rugs to create the perfect switch-up to your living space.


*Photos by Brittany Griffin and Kurt Andre


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    February 19, 2020 / 9:21 am

    its beautiful looking forward to making my own

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