Once again it is a billion degrees here in New York and I have been living by my pool. Thankfully, I

// Talk about heatwave, mamma mia it’s been so hot. You kind of don’t want to wear clothes? haha. Thankfully I have this dress from Silk Laundy, it’s been a ride or die dress since a year back. Together with my pool slides i’m good to go. We’ve been a little all over the place this week. From Falkenberg to Copenhagen, to Falkenberg again then Varberg. Then Borås, Ystad och Båstad. Haha and now we are home again. We’ve definitely felt like taken advantage of Sweden. The apartment is taking a hit for it though, time to clean it this weekend. Yay. But I will also show you guys the cute stuff I got this week!! Have a magical saturday my angels. Lots of hugs xx 

dress (similar) | bag | flip flops

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