5 Ways to Relax During Finals Week

Finals week( aka hell week) is here. This means pulling all-nighters, a coffee diet, trying to relearn everything, and a stress level no one should ever have to endure. Here are a few of my tips to help you feel more zen and focused during this stressful time

1. A digital break
a. If your study habits are anything like mine, you’ll stare at your textbook then check Instagram or Snapchat three minutes later. It’s impossible to unwind and feel less stressed when you’re always switched “on” so have a digital detox once a week. Turn your phone off and do something else with your free time. I promise you’ll instantly feel less stressed when you’re not worrying about what people on Instagram are doing.
2. Put your self-care first
a. When life get’s busy, we tend to forget about ourselves. Schedule in some me-time everyday to focus on YOU. Put on a face mask, have a bubble bath, read a book that’s not your textbook, mediate…whatever it is, take some time each day to focus on self-care. Not only is it relaxing and a great distraction, but when you feel your best, you instantly feel like you can take on anything.
3. Gym Time
a. There’s nothing like a workout to release stress. Exercise releases endorphins (yep, its scientifically proven to make you happier!) and gives you a boost. Plus, you’re getting summer body ready at the same time!
4. Say “NO”
a. Everyone wants to be the one who can do it all but sometimes it can burn you out. Little tip, know when to say no. Replace a night out with the girls to a night in with Netflix and your favorite snack.
5. Breathe!
a. Count to ten and just breathe. It’ll clear your head and help you refocus your attention. Finals are only two weeks, you will survive.

Good luck!

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