Bootay Bag Collab

Bootay Bag is a monthly subscription bag of adorable undies that come in different styles, colors, fabrics you name it! You receive two different styles every month for only $12. If you pay an extra dollar you also get a bralette added to your bag (honestly this is such a better deal than any thing from Victoria’s Secret). And really, who doesn’t love getting new undies in the mail?!

I have collaborated with this company in the past and have loved every second working with them. In this collaboration with them, I received two boy short style underwear. One is black mesh with cute polka dots with a lace trim while the second pair is a beautiful light blue in this delicate lace. Aside from the boy short style, you can get cheeky or thong undies. When signing up for these bundles of surprise, you can choose between having boy short, thong or both. The best part is any of these styles I would truly have picked out from a store. So I LOVE that got some that are.

The quality of the undies are superb and have already lasted me 3 months with no tear or loose strands. Each pair has intricate designs making it so unique compared to other commercial companies. Plus, the packaging it comes it is so classic, and aesthetically pleasing (cute brown packaging is the key to my heart). Another reason I LOVE working with this company is because they are a company that gives back. For every photo of the product that is posted  on social media with the hashtag #undermatters, $1 is donated to the Melanoma Foundation.

So yes, I love this company and their concept and I hope you do too! I would highly recommend them to any girl. Don’t forget, #undermatters !

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With love, Anastasia




Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog!

I’ve been working on this site for so long and I can’t tell you how excited I am to finally press the GO LIVE button!

Over the years I’ve learned that there is only so much you can say in an Instagram post or a tweet, which is why I have decided to create my own blog. Here, you’ll find my extra thoughts, ideas, experiences, photos all in one place!

So here it is! More than my grams, more than my snaps…a creative platform where I can take you into my own little world and hopefully inspire you to try new things. That is what my whole blog is about. I always say, keep an open mind with everything you do. 

I hope you love it! 

With love, AG 

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